Case Studies

Here are some examples of the applications of digital marketing strategies in achieving every client’s objective respectively. We would like to share with you our experience in solving and helping our customers reaching their goals in their respective niche.

Web Design + SEM + SEO

Project Overview

A household name in the event and advertising industry, this company is known for custom-made inflatables & balloons for event management and advertising agencies.  In 2018, AsiaPacific Balloons hired us to revamp and run Facebook ads campaign to improve its Google search ranking and increase lead acquisition from FB ads.

The client is losing its position on Google Search in its main product categories & having a clunky website that doesn’t funnel leads well due to poor design. The client also finds it challenging to find & reach out to the right audience for its specific niche.

After consulting the client, we came out with 3 practical solutions for them: 

  1. Revamp & rewrite website’s content with compliances to SEO guidelines for each major product categories
  2. Redesign and create a lead funnelling pipeline to ease customer’s user experience by giving easy access to client’s sales channel.  
  3. Add tracking codes into the website for remarketing on FB & Google Ads.

All product categories’ name is on the 1st page of Google Search ( e.g., Inflatable Replica, Inflatable Arch and Giant Advertising Balloon) 

FB & IG Ads metrics ( 2019-2021 ):

  • Impressions: +463,122
  • Reach: +342,733
  • Clicks: +3,335
  •  Conversion: +118

Google Analytics ( 2019-2021 ):  Total New Users +15,323

  • Google Ads Visitors: 7,420
  • Direct: 4,140
  • Organic Search: 2350
  • FB & IG ads: 1135
  • Other sources: 278

TikTok Marketing + Social Media Management

Project Overview

A property agent who understands the potential of using social media to build his brand as a trendy, cool, and groundbreaking player in the property niche. In August of 2021, property_mathan partnered with us to rocket up his social media presence with a goal of establishing his name for bigger collaborations in the property world.

The client is determined to reach out to his audience while expanding his social media presence in the shortest time. 

After consulting the client, we came out with 2 practical solutions for the client: 

  1. Create huge “clout” or following on TikTok by creating trendy content, and then funnel TikTok followers to Instagram & Facebook as the marketing funnel.
  2. Use FB/IG ads to target similar audience from data collected in FB/IG 

TikTok: August 2021 – September 2021

  •  Views: 732,029 ( Projecting to hit 1 Million on October 2021 )
  • Likes: 60,000
  • Followers: 2782
  • Shares: 1,800
My Tiktok account exploded in views and shares thanks to Julien, he personally suggested the right content and managed my TikTok account for me.
Property Agent: IG @property_mathan
My website has ranked consistently top on Google for my niche. Julien from Jomiklan has revamp and realigned my search keywords to my audience search habits.
Advertising Material Supplier
Julien from Jomiklan has done an amazing job in designing my e-commerce website for my online store. With his help on Google and Facebook Analytics, I'm able design ads that increases my return of investment for my PPC campaigns on Google Ads.
Gardening Supply Store
Julien from Jomiklan has done a wonderful job creating good content for my property niche on TikTok and he is also currently managing all of my other social media accounts.
Property Agent: IG @Propertyhubnash